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Hello world! Meet Antiques Buyers.

Hello World!

Meet Antiques Buyers. We are a unique chain of shops offering a wide collection of handcrafted antiques ranging between everything from sculptures to jewelry to centerpieces. Pottery, porcelain, artwork, Chinese artwork, Judaica, and sterling silver are only a few types of materials featured in our exquisite collection. We bring our passion for this world into our work; we buy and sell, offering a convenient online appraisal service and free consultation! We have consignment shops set up in multiple locations, including Florida, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago–so no matter where you are located, we have made offering our services an ease.

Authentic antiques with good design and craftsmanship will always bring lasting beauty and investment value. Designing a room or house with antiques will always be in style–regardless of the current time period and style trends. It is truly a lasting finish that never goes out of style. This beauty is where our passion comes from.

From time to time, we will be updating this blog to engage readers, consumers, and those simply interested in the unique antique world with new, rare pieces, stories, and more! This will be a fully interactive blog; each post invites commentary and advice. We would love to hear feedback, comments, suggestions, thoughts, and interesting stories from all regarding this exquisite industry! So please check back and keep up with this account; we will be sure to engage your interest!

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